Port Of Morrow (2012)


  • 1.
    The Rifle's Spiral
  • 2.
    Simple Song
  • 3.
    It's Only Life
  • 4.
    Bait And Switch
  • 5.
  • 6.
    No Way Down
  • 7.
    For A Fool
  • 8.
    Fall Of '82
  • 9.
    40 Mark Strasse
  • 10.
    Port Of Morrow


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The link is finally fixed!

I've been getting the same error since this morning. If I can buy the digital edition, then I should be able to redeem the digital edition that comes with my vinyl copy.
I love my record player, but it's a bit hard to carry around with me and would rather put the album in my MP3 player when I'm not home...

Same problem here...can not download...what's going on SONY? this is what you get from corporate record labels. incompetence.

I get the exact same error! WTF!? I would have ordered through Amazon if I'd have known Sony would be this much trouble. Lesson learned...

Likewise... purchased this on vinyl, tried to redeem the digital download, page not found... unhappy.

I also can't get to a good download page. I've been trying since 8:30 this morning.

Why does the digital download web address (<a href="" title=""></a>) say "Page Not Found." I purchased the album on vinyl and went to redeem my digital download to no avail. Please fix.

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