The Swift Sessions 7-inch (Black Friday Exclusive) (2012)



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Please come to the midwest for a show. Anywhere within a few hours of Chicago....just once. Please.

Been a massive fan of yours for ages and a massive influence on my music. Seen you three times and can't wait for you guys to come to the uk again.
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Been listening to you guys for a good year and a half now and just discovered Broken Bells six or so months ago. Gotta say, best music experience I've ever had, just sitting back listening to James and the band playing these melodies.

I discovered you guys through New Slang like a lot of people and still listen to that song over and over. So many good songs make it hard to pick a favorite, but at the moment I've been listening to Split Needles and The Celibrate Life a lot. Great stuff!

I don't know if you guys or Broken Bells have a single song that has gotten old for me. Not even Baby Boomerang :3

Keep up the outstanding music --- My wallet is yours. <----

Mike Frenier

the shins are my favorite band and their new record Port of morrow is my favorite record of theirs

My heartfelt thanks to James Mercer and the Shins for creating such exceptional music - its nature and brilliance makes me happy. I enjoyed the Albuquerque concert so much that I took my wife, daughter and her boyfriend, to catch the Aspen show. They are now delighted fans.
The Best to You!
Allan Knighten

I saw the Shins in Vail last week and have been listen to Port of Morrow for a few months. I wanted to let James Mercer know that I really liked the new album. Great sound.

Today I cracked open the vinyl I bought in Vail and listened to it on my big hi-fi and I Iove it even more.

It was a great show in Vail and I am now a big fan. I hope you come to Cleveland soon. I hope to see you at one of our cool smaller venues - the Beachland or House of Blues would be fantastic.

Thanks for the great tunes.

I love the choice in cover art for all the albums! The songs are pretty good, too!


Just wanted to say I love the sound that you guys make, I'm a 45 year old guy in Southampton UK when will you come over and entertain us. I first heard your live sessions on BBC Radio 2 and have been hooked ever since!

I have also introduced you to many people in the UK who also say how good you are even my 16 Year old daughter!!!!

Come on, tour!!!!


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