Listen to the first track from Port of Morrow & Preorder Now

"Simple Song", the first track from new album Port of Morrow, is available now.

<br><br><a href="" target="_blank">Click here</a> to listen & share.<br><br>

<em><strong>Port of Morrow</strong></em> available March 20, 2012. Preorder now and get “Simple Song” on January 10th. <br><br>

The Shins Store:
- <a href="" target="_blank">Limited Edition Lithograph & Deluxe Package</a><br>
- <a href="" target="_blank">Preorder bundles (Music, Merch, Tickets)</a><br><br>

iTunes Preorder <strong>Available January 10th</strong>
(Includes B-Side Bonus Track & get “Simple Song” instantly)

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