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A very touching video and tons of people love it. Listening music is my fun past time and "The Shins" is always my favorite band. They are popular and famous world-wide and I keep on looking for more updates for their upcoming events.

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A very interesting and emotional touching video! The simplicity of the shins is really <a href="">wonderful</a> - great movie

This is a very touching simple song video. It's so funny when they are about to find one thing, every one of them are in in hurry to get that important thing. So cool. - <a href="">soundcloud downloads</a>

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The Simple of the Shins is really amazing. - <a href="">mayweather vs alvarez</a>

Vcs.. são fodas, a melhor banda de 2012..

You are absolutely amazing! The lyrics and the extraordinary....! Any chance you could come down to Melbourne please? Laughing out loud

You guys are simply... Freaking amazing

I really do love this video.

Before the album came out, there was another version of this video, with more dialogue, and it took place before the deed hunt. Is this video still available somewhere? It is truly is hilarious.

Oh, no, flash...

Where is the video of your show at ed sullivan theater? I was lovin it!! Then I came back to finish watching it and it was gone! Where can I find it? You rock!

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