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Its so true, so honest, and more than that you don't sound like an idiot! Finally, someone who knows how to talk about a subject without sounding like a kid who didn't get that bike he wanted for Christmas.
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I admit with your Blog and I will be back to inspect it more in the future so please keep up your work.

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You guys rock. Wish I could see you play live. Maybe I Can. Inbox Blueprint

I came here for the music video, but stayed for the music. It has this retro feel to it I can't help but dig. <a href="">Inbox Blueprint</a>

Oh, no, flash...

Where is the video of your show at ed sullivan theater? I was lovin it!! Then I came back to finish watching it and it was gone! Where can I find it? You rock!

I can't tell you guys anything you haven't already heard a thousand times, but still I have to say it. Your fun, spontaneous sound drew me in at first, and I stayed for the lyrics. James, you're as fine a poet as has ever penned a line, and your wise words have charmed, calmed, and cheered me for many years. I like a lot of music, but I'm a better writer (and just maybe a better person) because of yours. Thank you.

I FREAKIN LOVE YOU GUYS! wut noooo that is not the way to start a conversation... wut i want to say is that you music is the best ever , i freakin love it, ive heard the simple song like a 50 times... but beside that you are great song writters james mercer has the perfect voice for a band, iff not the best voice in the world Wink and your videos are super funny! keep up the awsome work that you did on port of morrow Wink

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